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To be honest, we are completely spoiled to have the very best couples in the entire world. We have come up with a list of items that we believe help us to see whether or not we are a good fit for you. As much as we love planning events, we know we may not be the perfect match for everyone, and that's okay. But here it is, the list that says "You might be a Loba Couple if..."

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Your heart is for Marriage > Wedding

Here's the thing. We love events, we LOVE the details, but when it comes to your wedding day, the most important details is your marriage. This is something we ask all of our couples about in our initial consults and we will push you to take steps to prepare for your marriage. Your event is a celebration of the the commitment and forever love for one another, that is where our inspiration comes from as well. We care so much about this that we offer a forever discount of 10% on any of our event packages to couples who commit to us that they will do at least one thing throughout their engagement that is considered an investment in their marriage. It could be premarital counseling, a book study, or really anything. We want your marriage to be a success.

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You Think "Outside of the Ballroom"

Your venue is the canvas for your event. This isn't to say we won't do weddings in ballrooms, in fact some ballrooms are the prettiest of spaces. All we mean in this is that we believe we excel in spaces that are more of a blank canvas, that we can create an event that looks like yours and only yours. We love a good outdoor backdrop or building with character. We think finding the perfect backdrop is one of the biggest decisions in making your vision come together, we would love to help you find the perfect space!

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You're a Trend-Setter, Not a Follower

We love pinterest, we promise we do. We use it for inspiration all the time. But we have rules for ourselves when it comes to that beautiful world, and the rule is NOT to duplicate. We challenge our clients and ourselves to come up with elements to be featured at their event that haven't been done before. We believe your event is an experience and we want your guests to take in the details that represent YOU, not that remind them of a picture they saw on pinterest a couple weeks ago. It's an adventurous route to take, and it's more than worth it.