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DIY Gemstone Drink Stirrers

Drink stirrers are a simple way to fancy up any drink. This easy peasy DIY is as cheap as it gets (literally pennies) and you only need 3 supplies to throw them together in just 1 Step. 

DIY Galentine Party

Here's What You'll Need:

  • Wooden Skewers- We used these 4" ones, but be aware of the size of the glass you are using and make sure they are long enough. You can always get long skewers and cut them down to the perfect size.
  • Craft Glue- This is our absolute favorite craft glue, if you do crafts, you need this stuff if your supply closet. A wood glue like this would work too.
  • Acrylic Gemstones

1 Step:

  1. Put a drop of glue on the back of the Gemstone and press the top of the skewer firmly against. Make sure it is secure before relieving pressure and allowing to dry.
DIY Galentine Party
DIY Galentine Party
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