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Dip Dyed Napkins

DIY Galentine Party

Here's What You'll Need:

Here's What You Do:

(Suggest DIYing in an Outdoor Space that can get a little messy. If not, put a drop cloth down)

  1. Fill your Bin or Bucket with Very Hot Water
  2. Pour in Your Dye. The More Dye you use the bolder the color will be. Always start with less. Give the Dye a stir.(Dye will Dye, use something that is stain resistant or that you don't mind being dyed)
  3. Dip your napkin into the dye. The longer the fabric is in the Dye, the bolder it will get.
  4. Hang to dry in a place the napkins are safe to drip. May be safe to put a drop cloth down!
DIY Galentine Party
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