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DIY Confetti Bottle of Champagne

DIY Confetti Bottle of Champagne

This simple DIY was a part of our Galentine Day Party and it was the perfect fun touch for our bottles of bubbles. If you're planning a girly get together, bachelorette party, bridal shower or BFF's birthday party- this DIY is the perfect Addition. We promise, entry level DIY-ers, this is totally something you can handle.

Here's what you'll need:

The Easy Steps:

  1. Find yourself a nice work space. Spoiler alert- confetti is messy. This may be a task to take outside to the porch. Either way- lay something down underneath to make clean up a bit more manageable- newspaper, parchment paper, drop cloth, all work!
  2. When your work space is ready, go ahead and pour a healthy amount of confetti onto your surface. 
  3. Your ready to modge podge your bottle! Use your sponge brush and coat that bottle with the sticky stuff. Don't be shy- it dries clear. Also, try and work quickly, you want to apply the confetti to the glue as quickly as possible
  4. Once the bottle is coated with a good layer of modge podge, give it a nice roll through your confetti pile. Roll until there are no empty spaces. If you still have bare spots after rolling, grab some handfuls and press firmly into the spaces. 
  5. Obviously, give it some time to dry. But that baby will be ready to pop by the next day! 
  6. Cheers!
DIY Confetti Bottle of Champagne