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Balloon Installations


balloon murals


Jacksonville fl balloons

mural installations


/ Starting at approximately $12/square'/25 foot Minimum

Balloon Murals add some magic and whimsy to any space. We have gotten the opportunity to create designs for businesses, parties & more. Perfect for a grand opening, sale or backdrop for pictures. If you can dream it- we can do it!

Every project is unique and costs are based on color choices, design space, special tools that are required and more. Please fill out a form below so that we can start creating a quote for your custom balloon mural today!

Mini balloon garlands

/Starting at $55

Mini Balloon Garlands are 6 feet in length and are the perfect decor element to jazz up an entryway, backdrop, doll up some signage, etc. . These are for Pick Up Only- Installation is NOT included.





The process

We start by hearing from you about your event, about your brand, style, etc. Balloons have been around forever, but we believe we do them differently. If you've come to us it's probably because you appreciate our unique take, and we appreciate that YOU are unique. We want to make sure we never create the same design, we want to make something especially special for you.

Once we hear a little more about you we will come out for a site visit. This will be the first step of the design process. We will talk out our initial vision, draw something up and propose to you a design. We also will take notes of the space to see if there will be any potential challenges that will require extra tools or supplies which will help us create a timeline for your project. We usually require an onsite space to prep our balloons and access into that space very early on the day of installation. 

We are so enthusiastic to work with you and making your space or event stand out. Thank you so much for considering working with us!


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Rush jobs

/starting at An additional $100

If you are inquiring for a balloon mural that will be taking place in less than 3 weeks it is considered a rush job. Unfortunately because most of our inventory is ordered based on our jobs, we do not always have all of the supplies we would need for your project on hand. 

We care about the quality of our balloons and your project so we it may take us time to get your products in, if you need them in a rush, it simply costs us more money to produce. Always check with us just in case, we may have what we need for the job on hand, but there is always the chance that we don't.