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Ashlyn Krall

lead designer & event producer

I'm Ashlyn, a girl who's passionate about creating beautiful moments that last a lifetime. I believe there's something magical about gathering loved ones together to celebrate the milestones in our lives. My love for parties began at a young age, my fifth birthday to be exact. I remember even the smallest details of that day. A princess themed party- my dad crafted a castle out of large cardboard boxes, a cake to look like a castle (that even had a drawbridge on it), and the dress. Head to toe in sequins and gold I twirled, played and fully lived in the world that only imaginations can create. Though I have (potentially) outgrown the princess-themed soirees, I'll never grow too old for cherishing such special memories. 


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1. my love story

I first met Timothy at an event the nonprofit I worked for at the time was hosting. He was a veteran volunteer, but a couple months after the first time I met him he ended up coming to work at the nonprofit too. 

We quickly realized there was something there and he took me on our first coffee date. We sat at a table outside of the coffee shop long past closing, until 2 in the morning, talking about EVERYTHING! I texted my best friend when I got home that night saying "I think I met my husband."

After only a few months of dating, Timothy proposed. On a work trip we were on out in San Diego, California on the breathtakingly gorgeous Sunset Cliffs during sunset (of course). I was a hot mess. My hair hadn't even been dried after my shower, I had no makeup on, forget my nails being done! That's how I know he really loves me. He had the sweetest words to say, although I could never tell you exactly what they were since I practically blacked out from excitement once I realized what was going on! I of course said "Yes."

We got married in December of 2013 and it was the absolute best day ever. We spent months and months preparing for our marriage and I just couldn't wait to say "I do". And there is nothing quite as perfect as gathering all of the people you love most to witness and celebrate the covenant we made that day.

We have been married coming up on 4 years now. Not every moment has been perfect, but it has all been good. Our tough times have made us grow. Our good times are the memories that we choose to hold onto. Our definition of love has changed and been revised over and over again, each time a little stronger & a little deeper. I can't wait to see what our understanding of love is 50 years from now.


2. my little family

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Practical, hard worker, loves steadfastly, golf enthusiast & seriously good looking.

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Believer, wife, momma & free spirited dreamer. Trying my best to create beautiful moments with the ones I love most.

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Our spunky, spirited and weird (in a good way) little girl. She's everyone's favorite instagram story to watch at the end of the day and we can't get enough of her.

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 3. a few faves

1. Creme Brulee & Macarons

2. The Office & Leslie Knope

3. Pizza & Movie Night

4. Coffee Dates & Quality Time

5. Party Goods & The $ Section at Target

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4. the heart

At the core of it all, my mission is to represent Jesus' love, by dreaming, creating and inspiring beautiful moments with others.

"I feel there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people."
-Vincent Van Gogh


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Sarah & Ashlyn


Loba came to life when two best friends came together with a common goal to use their talents and gifts to love people well. Our mission has always been to take the abundance of love displayed by Jesus in our own lives and pass it along to others. We embraced the opportunity to stand alongside those who were planning some of the most special occasions of their lives, and our focus became to create an experience where individuals are encouraged to dream and feel truly valued and celebrated as they create beautiful moments with the people they love most.

At Loba Design Co. we are dreamers. We encourage you to be a dreamer too. Tell us everything you're envisioning, even if you think it might be crazy, and we'll help you turn that vision into reality.  


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We can't wait to help you plan and coordinate the logistics or your wedding day, but we do more than your average wedding planner.  Building out creative design elements is what we are proud to be known for. Even if it hasn't been done before, we will make it happen!


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Parties, Galas & other events

Planning a birthday party, launch party, gala or really any type of gathering is no small task. Our event and party planning services are here to help to relieve stress, guide you in the decision making process and help you throw your soiree in a memorable fashion. Planning a party can be fun with the right team on your side.

As much as we love the creating- the details and everything inbetween- our favorite part about this job is the people. We take the task of loving our couples very seriously. It's an intimate process to plan the best day of your life and we are honored to be chosen by a couple that allows us to be a part of that...


We cannot promise that we won't cry when our brides walk down the aisle, or when our couples share their first dance. But we do promise with all we are that we'll do all we can to ensure your wedding day is the best. day. every.